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Schedules help your punters bring order to the chaos. With all the acts that play at different times it’s hard to keep up. Now instead of a paper schedule that gets lost your punters can choose all the acts they want to see and save them to their event Planner.


Every fan wants to know the story the artist has to tell. Profiles are a simple yet elegant way to display your acts. App Majik has the flexibility to simply display name, photo and bio though to social media links, embedded music and links to Spotify to hear the artists tracks. Contact details, website and anything else you want to display can all be added to the versatile Artist Profile.

Planner Alerts

The Planner is a collection of all the performances the punter wants to see, it can be shared with friends via facebook and email and is linked to Artist Profiles and Locations so you can not only see who and when, but also where the artist is playing all in one easy to use page.


Getting lost is no longer an option with all your maps inside your festival app. You can upload static images or overlay them onto a real google map to create an Interactive Map. Your punter will be able to see their location while they navigate between the locations of different stages and areas. Integrated into App Majik is the ability to create Location Items which have GPS Longitude/Latitude coordinates for exact locations of specific buildings or stages.

Social Integration

Got Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Spotify? We can get all your feeds flowing inside your app so your punters are up to date with your updates.

Media Gallery

Photos tell a thousand words, they paint the story you want to tell - you can display them beautifully within your app.


It’s really simple to include your RSS in your app. News, Updates, Blog - we can have it all in one place for all those announcements you need to get in the hands of your punters. It’s almost too easy with these futuristic technologies. Giving you the time to focus on your content and not worrying about how to get it to your customers who need to hear it.

Music Players

What’s a festival without music? Embedded Spotify playlists give your user samples of the sweet beats they want to hear while also keeping the app lightweight.

Photo Share

Smartphone gone mainstream = taking photos all over show. Now your punters can take and share them within your app. You can then use them in a newsfeed and use them for content for all your media needs.

Push Messages

Got a message to send? With Push Notifications we can send it directly into the hand of your punter at exactly the time you need. We make this process simple for you with an easy back end to set up the message and time you want it sent.


It’s a data driven world and we’re sure you love numbers just as much as us. We track everything; downloads, user session times, stats for each widget.

Loyalty & Rewards

Everyone loves (and expect) to be rewarded for their loyalty to your product and brand. If they are sticking with you then they must love you. We make it easy to reward them using a points system that unlocks rewards based on the parameters you set.

Treasure Hunt

Every festival has great places everyone should check out. Using your app you can guide your punter to all the places you want them to go. At each location they can scan a QR code or walk into an iBeacon area and unlock part of the app that gives them more info. Each location takes them closer to rewarding them with points or entries into the draw to win a prize or promotion.


The Internet of Things or “IoT” is rapidly changing the world we live in. Using provided iBeacon or Low Energy Bluetooth devices we can set them up in specific locations that will trigger notifications and unlock specific content within your punters app when they come into range of the signal. For example they may walk past the Art Zone and it will unlock information about the artists in that area. Or if you want to include it in a Treasure Hunt you could set it so that when they walk within 10 meters of the point of interest it unlocks the content you want to display. This can also be applied to specials and promotions for specific targeted campaigns you want to drive.

Proximity Alerts

Similar concept to iBeacons but done using GPS and Geofencing. We can set specific parameters on the map that unlocks content within the app.

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Absolutely! If you have a registered account we can publish under your name. If not we can simply use the AppMajik account.

Of course! We have a powerful Admin platform where you can change content and designs and turn features on or off. Not to mention you can view all your app usage analytics and blast out Push Notifications.

You can still access your app after your event is over, and it will be available in the App Store until you decide to remove it.

Yes. Whilst we have many useful features out of the box, we are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure our app meets all your requirements.

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